“Oops! I sat on my ukulele!”

Don’t worry! We have seen this many times, and in most cases, we can fix it.

The first thing to do is bring it in for us to evaluate. Our repair technicians are in most days of the week, and we can typically provide you with an estimate of the cost of repair within a day or two.

Often, the break looks worse than it really is in terms of how much it will take to fix it. Clean breaks that involve a single section of wood (e.g., neck/headstock breaks that don’t involve cracks in the fingerboard), especially when the break exposes a lot of surface area, are fairly straight forward and low cost ($25-$50). Breaks involving the fingerboard, or breaks to the body of the uke often require more labor time and are therefore higher cost.

By the way, sometimes a bridge will pop off of the instrument! Most times, this can be fixed for about $25.