Holiday Gift Buying Guide

Whether shopping early or late, finding that special gift for the musician in the family can be a tough task to achieve. With something as personal as music is concerned, how can you possibly know what musicians want or need for their craft? Don't fret, because we've got you covered!

We've compiled the ultimate Christmas Gift Buying Guide for musicians that is sure to help you in your quest. We have fun stocking stuffers, white elephant gifts in addition to the vast collection of basic needs that every musician looks for on a regular basis.

So here it is, our 2019 list of favorite gifts for instrumentalists, from orchestral musicians, to band geeks, guitarists, and anything else in between, let's cover those fantastic items that fit all budgets and musical genres.

Just for Fun & For Everybody!

1) Year after year, Christmas Ornaments continue to be a top hit! The perfect customizable gift for any musician. We have almost all instruments, but don’t wait! They go fast!

2) Coffee is amazing and Tea is not just a letter! Mugs make wonderful gifts that are sure to get actual use!

3) Music Boxes are the sweetest gift on the list. Themed songs range from Frosty the Snowman & White Christmas, all the way to Let it Be and Unchained Melody. There are many more songs available sure to appeal to kids and adults alike!

4) Mini harmonicas are the ultimate simple instrument. With only four holes, making music is simple and fun! Throw it in a stocking and you are good to go!

5) Musician's Earplugs are the gift that no one knew they needed! I love loud music, but I take no chances with these amazing plugs that filter up to 19db of the most harmful frequencies, while allowing more of the less harmful ones. They sound MUCH better than traditional foam plugs!

For the Guitar Gear-heads

1) You really can't go wrong with getting them new strings! Most likely their guitar is long overdue for a new set and believe it or not, it makes a huge difference in improving the tone of any guitar. Of course there are lots of options, but if you need help deciding, you're welcome to ask one of our many guitar players on staff. Check out some of our favorites.

2) If you really want to make an impact, get them that effects pedal they have been eyeing. The Boss RC-1 looper is an amazingly fun tool that every guitarist should have in their rig. Both the Fathom Reverb Pedal by Walrus Audio and the Ocean's 11 Reverb Pedal from Electroharmonics are exceedingly cool! Walrus Audio has become famous from great art on their pedals and this one is no exception. Come in for a demo and we would be happy to show them off.

3) The NUX (prounounced New-X) Mighty Lite BT modeling amp has become our favorite little desktop practice amp. You can connect any music player via 3.5mm AUX-IN or Bluetooth connection. Play along with backing track and rock out right in your home studio or office. Don't disturb the neighbors either and you  can use your headphones. Control every setting from an intuitive cell phone ap! This thing rocks!

For the Keyboard Kanoodlers

1) You can never go wrong with the tools of the eccentric composer. They'll never forget those melodies again if they have some good pencils and blank manuscript paper. Top it off with a themed mug for their favorite warm beverage and you can call it good!

2) If it's "white elephant" you need, go for a miniature bust of Bach and Beethoven to call their own? If you watch them long enough, their faces appear to move...or do they???

3) Sheet Music makes a beautiful gift, so this year, find out their favorite piece to play and get them the nice Urtext Score or Barenreiter edition that looks so nice. The printing on these is wonderful and it is so easy on the eyes!

For the Beats and Bass Boosters

1) Anyone who has actually played bass knows it's not the "easy" instrument everyone takes it for. The of the band, nah, the world rests on the shoulders of the bass player. Why wouldn't it? Their instruments weigh a ton! How about getting them a new strap that doesn't feel like a razor blade slicing into their shoulder during their 3 hour gig?

2) I would say get them some new strings, but bass players are a funny breed that like playing on strings that their grand pappy bought back in the 1960's. You can't fake that tone! That said, we have a selection of electric and bass strings sure to bring new life to that beast of an axe.

Brass Fandom Phenoms

1) If you are truly in the know, you'll choose the nicest oils and greases for your horn. There are many options to consider, but Hetman and Yamaha make some of the best oils around! Those valves and slides will be screamin' fast and plenty smooth!

2) Keep those horns shiny too and get them a nice set of cleaning cloths, brushes and all the care tools of the trade. We've got you covered!

Woodwind in the Willow Makers

1) Reeds! Lots and lots of reeds and they all sound and feel different to the player. From Rico and Vandoren to Plasticover and La Voz, we have a wide selection to choose from. Try a variety pack and let the player choose their favorite!

2) Straps aren't just for Sax players. Clarinetists who try a strap for the first time often question why they never started with one in the first place. It's a total game changer, and so much easier on the body and hands.

Bow Wielding Swashbucklers

1) Orchestra players generally know exactly what they want, and it's hard to choose for them. We have it on good authority that a good rosin is so important to over all tone and feel of the bow against the string. We recommend trying the Jade Green Rosin for Violin and Viola, a nice Dark rosin for Cello and Pops Rosin for Bass.

Drooling Drummers

...are anything but, with their complex meters and quick comebacks that rival even the fastest tempo on the metronome. Don't ever think that tone isn't important to these musical beasts. Drum Dots and felts are critical accessories that can help even the most Ornery kit's tone.