Holiday Gift Buying Guide

Whether shopping early or late, finding that special gift for the musician in the family can be a tough task to achieve. With something as personal as music is concerned, how can you possibly know what musicians want or need for their craft? Don’t fret, because we’ve got you covered!

We’ve compiled the ultimate Christmas Gift Buying Guide for musicians that is sure to help you in your quest. We have fun stocking stuffers, white elephant gifts in addition to the vast collection of basic needs that every musician looks for on a regular basis.

Believe it or not, but most musicians would probably be happiest with receiving the expendable items that they go through on a regular basis. This includes reeds, picks, strings, tuners, metronomes and more. Boring, you say? I say nah! These are the items that we continually get asked for. That said, going out on a limb and buying those socks with a cheesy guitar print on them or buying that melodica for the classical pianist could be great fun when it comes time to open gifts!

So here it is, our 2019 list of favorite gifts for instrumentalists, from orchestral musicians, to band geeks, guitarists, and anything else in between, let’s cover those fantastic items that fit all budgets and musical genres.


For the Guitar Gear-heads

1) You really can’t go wrong with the tools of the trade! Stuff their stockings with new strings to replace those rusty old ones and give new life to their favorite axe!


picks, a string winder and a capo to replace the last 5 that have been lost in the couch. They will be your friend forever! If you really want to make an impact, get them that effects pedal they have been eyeing for the last 12 months and top it off with a new wireless amp setup. Need help choosing something awesome? Just ask one of our many guitar players on staff; they’ll steer you right!


Keyboard Kanoodlers are an interesting breed. They probably think they have all they need, but do they have a miniature bust of Bach and Beethoven to call their own? Maybe get them a new mug and a Magic Writer pencil. They’ll figure out what to do with it. If you know them really well, maybe you could get them some sheet music of their favorite artist; we have it all!

Beats and Bass Boosters are not the simple folk we all take them for. The fate of the band, nah, the world rests on their shoulders. Why wouldn’t it? Their instruments weigh a ton! How about getting them a new strap that doesn’t feel like a razor blade slicing into their shoulder during their 3 hour gig? I would say get them some new strings, but bass players are a funny breed that like playing on strings that their grand pappy bought back in the 1960’s. You can’t fake that tone!

Brass Fandom Phenoms in the know always choose the best oils and greases for their axe. There are many options to consider, but spending just a touch extra for the good stuff can turn that rusty old horn into something more akin to a screamin’ sports car! Hetman and Yamaha make some of the best oils around! We carry them both. Horn players love to have shiny instruments, so get them a nice set of cleaning cloths and brushes. You can’t go wrong. 

Woodwind in the Willow Makers need reeds, lots and lots of reeds. Get them the nicer ones and maybe a few different kinds so they can try something new! We do stock variety packs. You never know, you might stumble upon the perfect cane that brings them to tonal nirvana! How about a new strap to replace that frayed nylon cord they’ve been nursing along? Oh, and definitely get them a new swab so they don’t have to carry that dirty old rag in their case anymore.

Bow Wielding Swashbucklers are the kings and queens of the orchestra, and as such, they and their instrument deserve the best quality products possible. Get the Violin and Viola player a Jade Green Rosin and they’ll know you did your homework. For the Cellist, the deepest darkest rosin could be their desire, and for the Stand Up Bass Player, Pops Rosin is Tops! Maybe get them a new polishing cloth to keep their piece protected from that harmful rosin dust that always takes its toll on their instrument’s patina. 

Drooling Drummers are anything but, with their complex meters and quick comebacks that rival even the fastest tempo on the metronome. Don’t ever think that tone isn’t important to these musical beasts. Drum Dots and felts are critical accessories that can help even the most Ornery kit’s tone. Stuff their stocking with a new drum key and their favorite candy bar. Perfect Synchronicity! 



From Will

Metronome, Tuners, Music Stands, Instrument Stands, T-shirts, Mugs, Pencils, Sharpeners, Sheet Music Organizers, Stand Lights, Musician’s Ear Plugs, Ornaments

Guitar, Ukulele & Bass Players

Straps, Strap Locks, Picks, Specialty Picks (wood, different shape?), String Winder Tool, Humidifier, Sound Hole Pickup or Other Pickup, Effect Pedal, Capo, Polish, Polishing Cloth, Fender T-Shirt, Mini Amp, Instrument Stand, Wall hangers


Sticks, Stick Bags, More Cow Bells, Mounts, Drum Dots, Practice Pads, Drum Key, Ratchet Drum Key, Rudiments Chart, Cymbal Felts,

Keyboard/Piano Players

Sheet Music, Piano Mug, Magic Writer Pencil, T-Shirt, Themed Pencil Sharpener,

Flute Players

Polishing Cloth, Silk Swab, New Case, Sheet Music, Music Stand, Flute Pickup for Amplification

Reed Players

Reeds, New Swab, Reed Case, Reed Humidifier, Thumb Rest, Strap, Pad Savers, Upgraded Mouthpiece, Nice Ligature, Cork Grease, Instrument Stand, Clip On Microphone for Amplification.

Brass Players

New Mouthpiece, Polishing Cloth, Hetman Valve Oil, Hetman Slide Oil, Yamaha Slide Cream, Cleaning Tools (Brushes, Rods, etc…)

Orchestra Players

Fancy Rosin, Damp It, Polishing Cloth, New Strings, New Shoulder Rest, Instrument Stand, Pickups for Amplification


From Mark

Nyman’s Rosin for the practicing double bass student – Only the Finest!


2 – The Rhythm Ring – for the ukelele players – wouldn’t they like one of these?


3 – For Guitar – I propose a series of 4-5 below $50 well-reviewed guitar pedals – one in each category – overdrive, distortion, echo, loop, phaser.  That the parent can pick. Behringer comes to mind. Essentially a “(Fiend-In-A-Box)” that we can cross-sell to anyone. Ask our guitar staff what happening products come to mind.


4 – Inexpensive Donner Pedal-Board for starting one’s stomp box guitar pedal collection.  And what about an extra low price – so that one could get the pedal board – and their 1st pedal for a good deal.  What Dennis the Menace Van Halen aspiring guitarist could refuse such an offer? (We’re Blowing Them Out While They Last!)


5 –  For the violinist – Jade Rosin or something else that is trending.

From Marilyn

1. Earasers – Good for anyone who likes to go see live music – or plays in a loud band. These appear to be one of the best ear plugs on the market, and Will and Avery have told me they love them. (just don’t let your Dog near them)
2. Head Phones – Good for anyone who likes to listen to recorded music to It looks like we have some nice ear phones. Does anyone have any experience with any of these?
3. Blue tooth speakers Good for anyone who listens to music via their phone. – I know we have some of these, but I have heard a story that they aren’t as good as we hoped. Will? Avery? Did you get some of these? Are they still working?
3. A guitar multi-tool – For all the fretted intrumenters. Do we have a good one that we can recommend?
4. The Sapele fold out Ukulele stand – for all uke players. – it just looks really nice. It seems like a sophisticated little gift for a uke player and I love that it fits in that cute bag. 
5. A nice case – Woodwinds, brass, strings. Do we have cases for all the instruments right now? I think the colored cases might sell really well for flute and clarinet.
6. What’s our favorite vocal mic?  – for singers. Do we have one that can connect to a computer since everything is going that route?
7. Brass Mutes- I’m wondering what Brendan thinks of the Brass mutes or any other Brass gift. Do you recommend anything special Brendan? 
8. A nice music stand. Kids often have a collapsible music stand at home, and while they are okay they are never as easy to use as the Manhassets, which adjust without having to turn a bunch of knobs and hold large books without growing precariously top heavy. 
9. With all the PG&E power shutoffs. I’m thinking a nice music stand light might be a great opportunity to take advantage of the time provided by the power outage to practice your instrument.