Alex Michels

Video Conference Lessons Available

Audio & Music Production, Composition, Guitar, Jazz Improv, Piano, Song Writing, Theory, Trumpet

Beginners in All Genres, Intermediate/Advanced in the Following Genres:, African, Bluegrass, Blues, Brazilian, Celtic, Chamber, Classical, Country, Fiddle, Flamenco, Folk, Funk, Gospel, Gypsy Jazz, Improvisation, Indian, Irish, Jam, Jazz, Latin, Musical Theater, Pop, Reggae, Rhythm & Blues, Rock, World
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Detailed Information

Education & Teaching Method

This Spring, IĀ graduated Summa Cum Laude from Cornish College of the Arts music department with my BM in trumpet and composition. I have played piano, trumpet, and guitar since elementary school and have written songs and composed music for equally as long. I also record and produce music for myself and others. While at Cornish, I studied jazz and classical trumpet technique, improvisation, many different types of music composition involving both instruments and electronics, and have taken all of the upper level music theory course offerings available during my time there.
As a teacher, I believe in supporting the student to be the best they can be with positive reinforcement rather than using pressure and guilt to make the student practice. My teaching philosophy stems from a couple of core values: 1. fostering curiosity & 2. Building the student’s confidence as a student, artist, and human so that they may follow their curiosity in the direction of their dreams.

Artist Bio

Alex Michels is a songwriter, composer, and producer. (In normal circumstances,) he can be found performing as a frontman, trumpet player, solo performer, or accompanist in diverse settings from house shows to concert halls, often in the same night. For Alex, music has always been an outlet to make sense of a cold and nonsensical world while also examining and appreciating its profound and unfathomable beauty. He writes songs that explore societal observation, introspection, existential pondering, and the raw expression of emotion over a sonic palette that blends elements of indie, bedroom pop, psychedelic rock, surf punk, hip hop, and jazz. As a composer, he seeks to capture the sublime beauty of sound, working in mediums ranging from stripped back acoustic textures to lush, dense, electronic soundscapes and everything in between.