Allison Bennett



Teaches at The Magic Flute

Jazz, Pop, Rock
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Allison’s  Methodagreen

Guitar lessons with Allison are a fun and enriching experience for students of all ages and levels.  Allison is an encouraging, creative, and patient teacher.

For beginners, the focus is on learning basic chords and strumming, easy melodies and songs, and reading music notation and guitar tablature.

For the intermediate/advanced level, lessons are primarily structured around the goals and interests of the student.

All students are encouraged to bring their favorite songs to the lessons, and to find their own unique “voice” on the guitar.  Allison’s specialties include modern guitar techniques, improvisation, theory and it’s application, and composition.

Half-hour and Hour lessons are available at the Magic FluteElectric or Acoustic guitar. Please contact Allison for rates and schedule


Allison has been a guitar teacher at the Magic Flute since 2002.   She has an extensive background performing, teaching, and recording many musical genres, including rock, jazz, R&B, folk, and funk.

Allison began studying guitar at age twelve and performing locally in the SF bay area at fifteen. She attended Berklee College of Music in Boston and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Music from Sonoma State University.  Allison received the “Distinguished Graduate” award from SSU’s jazz department.  She has studied with many prominent teachers including Sheryl Bailey and Randy Vincent.  Allison continues to study with Joe Satriani protégé Jon Mulvey, as she has done for the past ten years.

Allison performs regularly in the bay area, and keeps a busy teaching schedule.

Contact Info:

(415) 640-6812