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Andrei’s MethodAndrei and Talia

I have been teaching flute lessons in Marin County since 2001. I teach at the Magic Flute music store in Terra Linda and also at my Studio in Corte Madera. Lessons are $35 for half hour and $70 for an hour. I’ve taught students as young as age 7 up to middle school, high school, college level and adult. During the lessons, students will develop skills on the flute including acquiring a beautiful tone, proper hand position, varied articulation, breath control, and dynamic ability. We also cover a wide range of flute repertoire, mainly from the classical repertoire where I was trained, but I’ve also taught other musical genres if there is a strong interest there. Students will also develop strong skills of reading music, developing good rhythm, and become familiar with a broad range of stylistic performance elements. There are opportunities to perform in at least two recitals a year if desired.

“Andrei is not only a great flute teacher but kids love him! ” ~David F., Larkspur CA

“I can’t begin to describe the gentle and clear method that Andrei uses to create musicians.” Lisa P., San Francisco CA

“Andrei started teaching my daughter flute from 4 years ago, he is such a talented teacher that my daughter enjoys every class and has learned a lot from reading music to toning to breathing control etc etc,  Andrei also encouraged her to participate in MSYO & MMC and kept challenging her to next level” ~Lisa L., Corte Madera CA


BIOAndrei Playing Davies

I have a great love for music education. It was of the utmost importance to me as a young performer and I couldn’t ask for anything more than to pass that along to future generations of musicians. I enjoy teaching as much as my students enjoy playing and I gain great satisfaction from helping them to learn and grow in their musicianship.

I employ a variety of teaching techniques to address a wide range of learning styles and am sensitive to the needs of individual students. I do not utilize one specific method; rather, I feel it is important to adapt my teaching style to best fit the needs and demands of each student.

Andrei Gorchov Playing Close UpIn addition to teaching the flute, I am a widespread music educator in Marin. I am the associate conductor and manager of the Marin Symphony Youth Orchestra and have served on the board for the Marin Music Chest. Additionally, I have taught music classes at the San Domenico School Conservatory and at Redwood High School, conducted Choral Singers of Marin, conducted the Oakland Youth Orchestra, have performed as a flute soloist with the Marin Symphony and San Francisco State University Orchestra. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Flute performance from San Francisco State University and studied conducting at Tanglewood with Michael Morgan, esteemed conductor of the Oakland Symphony. I have been studying the flute for 30 years and teaching for 15 years.

Andrei Gorchov Conducting

Recent Flute Student Achievements

Current Student, recent accomplishments

Jeremy – 12th grade private student 2010 – present

-YPSO Concerto Competition Winner (Khachaturian) 2016

-Marin Symphony Youth Orchestra Concerto Competition Winner (Reinecke) 2015

-Marin Music Chest Award $1,400 2012, 2013, 2015

-Flute Soloist: Redwood High School (Chaminade), Del Mar Middle School (Carnival of Venice)

-Junior Bach Festival: Honored Performer

-Northern California Honor Band

-Interlochen performer

-Yale acceptance


Chris – 7th grade private student 2014 – present

-Marin Music Chest Winner $1,000 2016

-Junior Bach Festival, memorized performance of Bach Partita in a minor

(Allemande, Corrente, Sarabande, Bouree Anglaise)

-Marin Symphony Youth Orchestra, 2nd flute 2016


Maya – 7th grade private student 2015-present

-California All-State Honor Band 2017. Approximately 2,000 students applied from schools across California. Maya is 1 of 10 flutists selected to be a part of the Concert Band based on her application recording and live audition.

-Marin Symphony Crescendo Orchestra 2016


Savanna – 9th grade private student 2015 – present

-California Music Educators’ Association Festival “Command Performance” 2016

-Marin Symphony Youth Orchestra 2nd Flute

-Terra Linda High School Principal Flute


Recent flute student graduates:Andrei Teaching

-Shiriel: Stanford University (6 years of private flute study with me graduated 2015)

-Eva: Stanford University (7 years of private flute study with me, graduated 2014)

-Giorgio: Johns Hopkins University (7 years of private flute study with me, graduated 2015)

Contact Info:

(415) 272-1053