Barret Wilber

Teaches by remote

Faber Piano Adventures, Alfred

Beginners in All Genres, Intermediate/Advanced in the Following Genres:, Classical
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A native of Sonata California, Barret’s passion for piano began at age 11 when he received an
electronic keyboard for Christmas. He spent several months as an enthusiastic self-taught pianist.
Encouraged by his family, he began formal lessons in the instrument.

Barret is a graduate of the University of Maryland where he received his Master of Music in
Collaborative Piano under internationally acclaimed pianist and teacher Rita Sloan. Barret was
an active coach and accompanist at the University of Maryland where he has cherished the
opportunities to work with undergraduate musicians. One of his most notable experiences at
University of Maryland was principle accompanist and coach for OperaTerps; a student-run
organization dedicated to providing undergraduate singers with experience in the operatic
repertoire. Barret also holds a degree in solo piano from California State University Long Beach
where he performed alongside The Bob Cole Wind Symphony at Carnegie Hall and studied with
film composer Craig Richey.

In addition to his work as a collaborative pianist, Barret is an active piano teacher. Barret
believes in inspiring a love and appreciation for music in his students, advocating for a strong
foundation in piano technique and music theory. Currently Barret is teaching by Zoom.