Jesse Kincaid

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Bass, Drums, Guitar, Mandolin, Piano, Saxophone, Trumpet, Violin, Voice

Mill Valley

Teaches at The Magic Flute
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Students are introduced to reading the grand staff, interval recognition, and chords, while playing classic, popular, and jazz melodies. Students advance at their own speed, developing the ability to read music while establishing a sound piano technique.


Students choose songs they want to learn. Chords and melodic playing are studied, along with scale patterns, interval recognition, harmonic progression, and theory. These elements are employed in improvisation.


Study begins with orientation to the instrument and bow,   followed by reading the treble staff, with scale, interval, and harmonic recognition, while playing classic, popular, jazz, and fiddle melodies.


Students are introduced to playing traditional melodies drawn from Americana, Irish, and jazz styles, while learning to read both tablature and music notation.

Bass Guitar

We analyze scale patterns, intervals, and harmonic progression, along with bass patterns in contemporary material of interest to the student.


Choosing songs that interest the singer, students study the technique of sound production, breath control, and phrasing, along with recognition of scale and interval patterns inherent in the songs.

Saxophone and Trumpet

Beginning with familiarization with the instruments and the technique for producing orderly sound, the reading of treble clef music notation, scale patterns, interval recognition, harmonic progression, and improvisation are studied, wedding traditional technique with ability to play material from popular music and jazz.


Students are introduced to the fundamentals of method for utilizing a full multi-drum set, while learning to read and perform music for rock, funk, and jazz.


Jesse Kincaid began playing guitar at age 12 when his uncle, legendary 12-string guitarist and Folkways recording artist Fred Gerlach gave him his first guitar. At age 18 Jesse studied with Ry Cooder, a young precocious guitarist and teacher in the Los Angeles folk scene. It was at The Ash Grove folk music club where Jesse met Reverend Gary Davis from whom he also learned.
At age 19 Jesse drove cross-country to New York and subsequently to Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he met fellow singer Taj Mahal with whom he performed as a duo. In 1965, during the cold east coast winter, the two drove west to sunny Los Angeles where, with Ry Cooder, they formed The Rising Sons and were signed to Columbia Records. Their record album, “The Rising Sons, featuring Taj Mahal and Ry Cooder”, was released in 1992.
At age 23 Jesse studied classical guitar with Vicente Gomez and received a classical guitar scholarship to California Institute of the Arts. While in school, Jesse became a performer on the Renaissance Lute, the grandfather of the guitar, and studied Indian sitar with Ravi Shankar. A songwriter, Jesse’s songs have been recorded by Paul Revere and the Raiders, Nillson, The Dillards, Glen Yarborough, and Don Henley.
After music school Jesse traveled extensively throughout Europe as a performer before returning to the United States and settling in Mill Valley. There he became an events coordinator with Mimi Farina at Bread & Roses, a non-profit organization bringing free entertainment to institutions.
Since 1991 Jesse Kincaid has taught music in schools and privately, offering instruction on piano, guitar, violin, mandolin, bass, voice, saxophone, trumpet, and drums.  Jesse Kincaid performs original songs with his band throughout the Bay Area.

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