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Study in a Professional Drum studio with two drum setsBiller

Conveniently located in Terra Linda, a short distance from The Magic Flute.

To Setup a Lesson with Joshua, please call (415) 686-5448 or email

Here’s what you need to know:

My teaching method is designed to be positive and motivating as well as challenging.
My methods work for all ages and all levels- Kids, grandparents, and everyone in between.
Proven techniques with quick results.  A broad spectrum of drum skills will be covered in an organized, easy-to-understand fashion that makes sense.
  • Fundamentals

  • Technique

  • Proper drum set tuning and set up

  • Posture

  • Reading

  • Learning to play songs

  • Developing a practice routine

  • Different Styles

  • Staying Motivated

Please contact me for specific curriculum.
Josh became interested in drumming as a young child when he stopped by a friend’s house one day after school and his friend’s dad was in their garage studio recording drum tracks.  Josh was amazed how each limb could do something completely different while his dad was playing the drums. The dad let him play the drum set and he knew from that point what he wanted to do.  The following Christmas, his parents bought him a used drum set.  He began to practice constantly and took drum lessons.  When he was eleven, Josh became heavily interested in progressive rock when his buddy introduced him to Rush.  He played in a handful of progressive rock bands in high school. Josh also became interested in Jazz and studied it extensively.  After graduating high school, Josh attended college at University of North Texas – Jazz Studies program.   He developed a sensitive, deep sound and style.  He went on to work as a session drummer in Southern California and San Francisco.  Josh can be seen playing drums quite often at the Panama Hotel in San Rafael, Ca. as well as other local venues.  Josh receives great enjoyment teaching drums to his young son as well as his other students.  He believes music is a lifelong pursuit and still loves to practice and learn new skills-  He believes that playing music is healing on a cellular level and greatly improves the circuitry in ones brain- keeping one healthy and centered.  Above all, music is passion and he is grateful for his abilities behind the drum set.