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“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the

imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato



I began playing piano by ear at age 6 and started lessons at 8. I began
taking lessons from a professor of piano at Sacramento State University
in junior high and continued on to enroll in college there. I earned a
Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance from Sacramento State
University and went on to study piano for two years at the graduate level
at Indiana University, Bloomington.
I began teaching private lessons during my college years through the
Creative Arts program at Sacramento State and in my own piano studio.
I have also taught at the Music Box music store in Lodi, California, and
taught group piano classes at Sherman Clay in Oakland.


Teaching Method

We have all read the reports about the positive effect music has on the
growing child’s brain and intelligence. Playing music stimulates multiple
areas of the brain simultaneously which is quite a unique and beneficial
phenomenon. While this is all true, in my mind the true benefit is in the
making of music itself. Making real music is a lot of fun and can also
bring a feeling of accomplishment as harder and more complex pieces are
mastered. It can be very helpful to the emotional and intellectual
development of our children to play a musical instrument. For adults as
well, our internet/information age can bring with it high levels of stress
and information overload. Playing the piano, whether for the first time or
resuming after a break, can bring a lot of enjoyment and helps to refresh
and focus the mind.
I am an easygoing and enthusiastic teacher, beginning to advanced
levels. Lessons will include note reading, basic music theory, rhythm,
hand position and technique, practice strategies, and interpretation and
tone. I will put together a learning strategy and choose appropriate
music individualized for each student based on their experience level and
desired repertoire. I look forward to working with you!


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