Monica Norcia

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"Art of Breathing" teacher (Jessica Wolf's method based on the work of Carl Stough); Alexander Technique principles emphasized. Will travel for incapacitated elders if needed.

San Rafael

Beginners in All Genres, Intermediate/Advanced in the Following Genres:, Bluegrass, Classical, Musical Theater, Pop
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An Integrative Method for Singing and Speech

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Monica is a “therapeutic voice teacher.” She offers singers and speakers the opportunity to explore all aspects of the voice, from the breath to making sound, in a way uncommon in traditional voice lessons. She weaves together body and energy-centered modalities, such as the Alexander Technique, yoga and Reiki, with classic vocal technique. She is also one of only two teachers in Northern California continuing to train in “The Art of Breathing,” a method developed by Yale University’s Jessica Wolf based on breath pioneer Carl Stough’s work.
Monica works with singers, actors, business people and broadcasters, with people from all walks of life, to improve the quality of his or her voice, resolve vocal problems or help people work through stage fright. She loves working with beginners and is especially experienced, through music directing children’ shows, with helping young people establish a healthy foundation for their future singing. An excellent vocal/body/energetic diagnostician with deep knowledge of the vocal mechanism, she has helped young men and women in the voice transition and addresses a healthy way to sing modern styles – the belt – all in a fun way. She also is experienced in the older voice, helping students maintain vocal and body strength and flexibility in their later years.
Much of Monica’s voice teaching is based on the belief that we can produce sound easily and freely, learning to connect our voices to our hearts. However, we have patterns of movement, alignment and response to the world that not only block our voices but also affect our overall good health.
Through gentle “hands-on-the-body” or table work, Monica helps students become aware of their physical self, their alignment and balance, any habitual ways of being or holding that may be interfering with the head-spine relationship and therefore the diaphragm, the breath and a free sound. Students explore vocal range, ease and balance through the registers, agility, resonance, discussion of voice “size” and use of the whole body in singing. Students also learn the differences between styles, e.g., the classical voice vs. the Broadway “sound,” and are encouraged to explore repertoire that best interests them and suits their voice.
Monica’s ultimate goal is to help a student uncover his or her authentic voice and, hopefully, how singing or speaking in public can be a wonderful part of a happy emotional and spiritual life.vocal-motion-logo


Monica Norcia was born in Rome, Italy, into a family of opera singers and actors. A Bay Area voice teacher, singer, pianist and music director since 1997, she received her bachelor’s degree in vocal performance from California State University-Hayward. As a singer fluent in Italian, she  enjoys specializing in the Italian/Neapolitan repertoire. After a 3-year training, she was certified in 2002 by the Alexander Technique Institute in San Francisco. She is a Level 2 Reiki practitioner, certified in shamanic healing from HCH in Lafayette and is an avid aikido practitioner and meditator. She teaches at JB Piano in San Rafael.

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