Nate Schnitzer

Piano, Voice

San Rafael, Terra Linda

Beginners in All Genres, Intermediate/Advanced in the Following Genres:, Blues, Classical, Improvisation, Jazz, Pop, Rhythm & Blues
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Piano with Nate is as fun as it is challenging! Practice is not only encouraged, but rewarded with games and prizes. (He finds that students do their best through positive motivation). Nate is a nice, fun, easy-going, and passionate teacher.

Beginners work from a lesson book. If assignments are completed, students can play a rhythm, ear training, or symbol game.

Intermediate students mostly play songs of their choice upon approval. Nate can easily teach Pop, Classical, R&B, and Contemporary styles, but specializes in teaching Jazz. Hanon and improvisation are also emphasized. (Sight reading, scales, theory, and chords are emphasized at all levels).

Nate basically became the teacher that he always would have wanted, so he appreciates what it’s like to be in the student’s shoes. He strives to have each student genuinely enjoy learning piano.

Half-hour, forty-five minute, and hour-long lessons are available in your home. Contact Nate for rates or scheduling, and feel free to inquire about any questions or concerns.

Nate is also an accomplished vocalist and voice teacher.  Please inquire about Voice lessons as well.


Nate has privately taught piano to hundreds of students in Marin since 2003, and has composed and produced original R&B, Pop, and Dance music with a production team since 2006. Many of his compositions have been played on local radio stations, as well as national TV channels such as VH1. Nate is a professional Jazz pianist who has played at Jason’s, and has worked with legendary Grammy award-winning musician, Booker T. Jones.

Nate is also a multi-instrumentalist who can play over 50 different instruments; 8 of these he plays professionally. In addition to teaching piano, he currently works as a musician, producer, and engineer at a recording studio in San Rafael. It is mostly here that Nate co-produces, provides vocal coaching, and creates customized compositions for different artists.

Nate began playing piano at four years old, received formal training starting at age 5, and then continued to take lessons until he was 12. He later taught himself guitar and bass at the age of 15. After taking a Jazz improvisation class at the College of Marin, he began taking piano lessons again from 19 until 30 focusing entirely on Jazz. In 2008, Nate enrolled at the Berklee College of Music. He later graduated with a 4.0 grade average and received a Specialist Certificate as well. At 25, Nate began to collect and teach himself how to play new musical instruments (including many different ethnic ones). Today, Nate privately teaches piano to a large group of clients, and is constantly working on projects at recording studios.

Contact Info:

(415) 847-4241