Sally Fletcher

Harp, Piano


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Sally’s Harp MethodSFletcher

The harp is a beautiful, rewarding instrument to learn. I teach both lever harp (folk harp) and pedal harp (concert harp). All ages and all levels are welcome.  The basics of hand/finger placement, technique, exercises, scales/chords, arpeggios, care of the harp are covered.   Music is chosen by the level and preferred style of the student.  I will help you find a rental harp.

Sally’s Piano Method

I teach the basics of piano: performing, reading, rhythm, music theory, scales/chords and ear training. The type of music is chosen by the age, level and preferred style of the student.
Learning to play the piano is one of the best things you can do for yourself or your child.  This provides the basis for all musical learning.  Research has shown that more parts of the brain are active while reading and playing music than any other activity. Studies show that students who study music consistently outperform their peers on the SAT, intelligence tests, memory and general performance in school. All ages and levels are welcome.  I am a patient experienced teacher.


Sally enjoys teaching and playing the best music from every style.  Born into a musical family she began learning the piano at the age of five.  From there she learned the harp and many other instruments, as well as the art of singing.  She has performed at many of the Bay Area hotels and wineries as well as the Napa Symphony and she is also a church organist.

Sally is a member of the Marin Branch of the Music Teachers Assoc. of Calif. (MTAC).  She teaches both harp and piano at her home in Terra Linda


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(415) 609-8034