Tetsuya Endo

Baritone Horn, Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba

Marin, San Francisco, Sonoma

Teaches at The Magic Flute
Will Travel

Beginners in All Genres, Intermediate/Advanced in the Following Genres:, Classical
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Tetsuya’s Method

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The method that I use to teach draws from the methods used by greatTetsuya-Endo-6.2014-300x201 orchestral brass players during the 20th and 21st century. The key essential element to succeed in any area of study, are the basic fundamentals. These fundamentals emphasize a natural, efficient and healthy way of playing an instrument, which leads to the development of the individual student’s sound. Using common method books such as Schlossberg, Remington, Clarke Technical Studies, and Arbans and combining them with exercises given to me from my own lessons from previous teachers, I strongly believe that each student can develop a strong foundation on their particular instrument. I also emphasize the use of etude studies as another way to develop their technical skills, while raising a greater understanding of musical phrasing. With the combination of a positive attitude, patience and diligence to practice from the student, this method will not only enhance one’s music education, but can also provide important skills and traits for success toward other professional or educational goals. An important goal of mine as an educator is to be a good and reliable source of encouragement that the student feels comfortable with, and can rely on to achieve their own future goals in life. Students of all ages and levels are welcomed!


Tetsuya Endo



Tetsuya Endo received his Bachelor of Music degree in Trombone Performance from the University of California, Irvine in 2014. He grew up in San Rafael, CA and played in concert bands and jazz bands throughout his years in the Dixie School District and Terra Linda High School. He started off with trumpet in the 4th grade, shifted to the tuba during middle school, and then eventually took up the trombone starting in 8th grade. He was also a member of the Marin Symphony Youth Orchestra during his senior year of high school. In Southern California, he performed the Rimsky-Korsakov Trombone Concerto with the UCI Wind Ensemble and was the Principal Trombone in the UCI Symphony for all 4 years. He also played in a number of chamber and jazz ensembles, including some performances with notable LA jazz musicians such as Bobby Rodriguez and Kei Akagi. He also attended the Summer Brass Institute in Menlo Park, where he had the opportunity to work with the members of the San Francisco Symphony/Opera brass sections and guest artists Tom Hooten (LA Phil), Oystein Baadsvik (Norwegian Tuba Soloist) and the Northwestern Trombone Faculty. His primary teachers include Ezra Palmer-Persen, David Stetson (Second Trombone, Pacific Symphony), and Paul Welcomer (Second Trombone, San Francisco Symphony). Other notable trombone teachers include, Michael Mulcahy, Kyle Covington and Terry Cravens.