Will Meyer

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Teaches at The Magic Flute

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Detailed Information

Due to current Covid 19 restrictions, I am currently only offering Zoom or FaceTime online lessons. Inquire for details.

Statement of Purpose

Studying music can be one of the most challenging, but rewarding experiences of your life. I have worked on my musical skills since I was a young teenager, and I have certainly struggled to develop my skills. Probably like you, I just wanted to have fun playing music that was meaningful to me. That is why I believe I will be an excellent teacher for you. I know how it feels to work so hard at something, only to continue to struggle. After two decades of study and practice I have achieved more than I ever thought possible once I came to realize that my best progress occurs when I listen to my intuition about what is important to me in music. My goal is to pass that along to you so that you will make the kind of musical progress you have only dreamed of. Every lesson you take will have the goal of tapping into that which will make you want to sing, play, write and record music.
There is an old saying that ‘it doesn’t have to be fun, to be fun’. This is a very important lesson for musicians because so often we find ourselves doing things that do not seem fun, nor do they seem to lead to any results. When you know the goal and you believe in the work you are putting in, you will see progress. Our lessons will include the following:
  • Tap into that which motivates you to play music
  • Help you build an organizational system so that you know what to practice and when
  • Give you exercises that make sense for your level which will push you to grow coordinations necessary for good musical production
  • Show you how to practice your songs or pieces in a way that actually builds results
  • Above all, have fun making music!
If your goal is to develop your skills, build coordination and learn to make music with confidence and fun, contact me. I’ll get back to you quickly to set up a first meeting.

Instruments Taught

  • Voice
  • Audio Production, Composition and Theory


Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance > San Francisco Conservatory of Music > Grad Year 2001
Private voice and music teacher for over a decade
20 plus years of Performance Experience on Stage and in a Studio
Music Production > 3 Years as Composer and Audio Engineer (training in Logic Pro X)